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About Company


Imen Khodro Shargh Co. Began with his business activities by designing &Manufacturing Pegout-405 safety belts in 1997 in Mashhad in order to provide some of the most required automobile components in the eastern regions of the country .

At the moment our company produces a wide range of various kinds of seatbelts in accordance to all related national and international standards and regulations.

Moreover Imen Khodro Shargh Co. has been designing and producing airbags for driver and passenger in a cooperation with European and Asian Companies since the year 2007.

Recently a new production plant with an area of three hectares in Binalud Industrial Estate has been Particularly dedicated to manufacturing of different automobile airbags .Also providing electronic components such as automobile radios and stereo anlages , thermal sensors, airbag deactivation switches , EMS ( fuel System control unit ) and opening up new business markets are some of the present major targets of the company.



Sincere and responsible presentation of company’s products next to competitive production of seat belts ,airbags, electronic and security components by application of “state of the art technologies “ to provide desired safety and comfort for automobile passengers and to promote our country’s production capacity creating a significant value chain and fair profit-sharing



Becoming the most prominent regional leader in automobile safety-belts industry and increasing market shares of automobile electronic components