About Us

Imen khodro Shargh in a look


Year founded: 1997

Factory Address:12 km of Asian highway - Mashhad - Iran

Current Site Area: 7128 square meters

Number of employees: 200

Number of R&D: 15 people

Annual production capacity: 1,000,000 sets safety seatbelt and driver & passenger airbag system for all types of passenger & heavy cars


Development: Moving production line of airbag system to a new place in Binalood site in an area of 30,000 square meters

Some of automotive safety products:

Customer Name
Product Name

Group IK

Set the front and rear seat belt Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars and Samand - socket front Peugeot 405, Peugeot 206 and Peugeot Pars and Samand- back of seat belt safety belt collection center SD- 206 and Peugeot 206 and Peugeot SD- socket front airbag SD- vehicles Samand, Pars, 405, Rana, Dena and 206 and accessories including shock rotary control unit (ACU)

 Group Bahman

Mazda single cabin front and rear seat belts and belt Mazda two-cabin

 Iran Khodro Diesel

LP- belt set of two-point static belt Van Ghzal- WH- of seat belt safety belt set minibuses cruise


Nissan pick up the collection of seat belts and seat belt back and forth Pride socket X100 / airbag control unit and sprung rotating Pride

 Vehicle Administrators

Set the front and rear seat belts MVM 110

Key customers:

1. Iran Khodro / Sapco 2 Saipa / Sazehgostar 3 auto executives


Key partners and suppliers:

- Credit cooperative Iran Khodro Industrial Group

- All suppliers of (material suppliers, component suppliers pieces / supplementary services / laboratory services)


Organizational core values ​​Core Values

- Accountability and commitment to stakeholders' needs and create value for them

- Mutual respect and empathy and mutual accountability between leaders and employees

- Valuing human resources and participation of workers

- Satisfaction and organizational justice

- Compliance with occupational health and safety and efforts to protect the environment

- The effective organizational tasks with creativity and innovation in the shadow of discipline and    honesty