The most important projects in the last year
Designing and producing driver&passenger airbag safety system of Runna car

in recent years, development product project was mainly focused on airbag system passenger cars.


First, based on IKCO policy, the production of Soren driver airbag begun and conducted  in this regard designing and producing of Soren airbag module with cooperation with JINHENG Company in China started and after conducting accident test and designing process,its related ACU , supplied from Autonet in Korea and Continental  in Germany .After assembling of driver airbag on all types of Samand ,Pars ,Peugeot-405 Imen Khodro Shargh with cooperation with its foreign partners designed new products with the name MFC airbag (includes control switch of audio system , mobile hands free) which applied on Pars ,Soren and Peugeot -405.


on the second step of airbag development plan, production of passenger airbag suggested to apply on local made cars therefore this company started to designing and conducting this product.


Now Imen Khodro Shargh has achieved this ability to produce driver and passenger airbag system for Samand, Pars, Peugeot -405, Runna, Denna, Peugeot -206

On the third step of development plan , Imen Khodro Shargh has started the primary studies and designing of side airbag for the project of X409.

Baside that the new policy of company was set to add the producing of Automobile electronic component which are the producing of all types of radio - CD player with small and large panel (1Din&2Din), All types of cabin temperature sensor , Oxygen , Rear obstacle detection system and ......... which major part of them has been designed, produced and sold to customers.